• Victor Sosa and Angelica Isidro present at the 2015 California Healthcare Interpreting Association (CHIA) Conference

    The Indigenous Interpreter Experience and Effectively Achieving Language Access Across Fields: Where are Indigenous Languages in the Landscape of California’s Language Access?

    Not every person who comes to California from Mexico or Central America speaks Spanish. Thousands of people living in California show up in the hospitals and doctors office, as well as the court system who speak an indigenous language. The presentation responded to several critical questions:

    What are these languages?
    Where do the people who speak them come from?
    Where do they live and work in California?
    What cultural differences exist?
    Are there interpreters who can interpret from English to these languages and vice versa?
    If not, can Spanish/English interpreters work with Spanish/Indigenous language interpreters to ensure effective communication?
    Are there other language pairings that are similarly situated?
    How is the presence of this group affecting language access in California?
    To what degree do unaccompanied children crossing the border and coming to California speak these languages?