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The Indigenous Interpreter® Curriculum

Through support from its generous donors, Natividad Medical Foundation’s Indigenous Interpreting+® sponsored the curriculum development and the inaugural session of The Indigenous Interpreter®.  Created by experts in the field in conjunction with indigenous community members and interpreters, this 63-hour training program is the first of its kind in the U.S. to credential interpreters of indigenous languages from Mexico and Central America. Upon successful completion, graduates of the program receive “The Indigenous Interpreter National Credential: Level 1 Qualification.”  

This groundbreaking program trains interpreters of indigenous languages on ethics, protocols and modes – including consecutive, relay and simultaneous interpreting – in community and healthcare settings. Each module includes targeted guidance for overcoming the barriers indigenous interpreters encounter daily when interacting with providers and clients in many different service settings. The Training Program is accompanied by the participant textbook and workbook to be published under standard public license in March 2018.

Indigenous Interpreting+® acts as the credentialing body for course graduates and as the license grantor for official Course Trainers. Currently, Katharine Allen and Victor Sosa are licensed to train interpreters in The Indigenous Interpreter® methodology.  Please contact Katharine or Victor directly if you or your organization is interested in offering this unique Training Program for your interpreters of indigenous languages.

Trainee Program for Interpreters of Indigenous Languages

Natividad Medical Foundation sponsors a 6-month paid trainee program for interpreters of indigenous languages. Funded by philanthropy, Natividad Medical Foundation offers two positions for speakers of indigenous languages. Each internship is 22 hours a week for 6 months. To qualify and apply to the program, applicants need to pass both an English and Spanish proficiency test and be fluent in a variant of Triqui or Mixteco, the most requested languages at Natividad Medical Center. Trainees accepted to the program will follow a mentored, 6-month educational training schedule while working in the hospital. They will learn the art of interpreting, medical vocabulary, how to work with medical staff and patients, and the best practices for interpreting. For more information or to apply please email Judith Pacheco ( or call (855) 662-5300.

Why is this program offered?

It’s a great opportunity to get hands-on training working side-by-side with providers and while being mentored by certified interpreters and peers. Trainees will be able to further their employment opportunities,  while helping our community and saving lives by giving people a voice.

Who can enroll?

Potential applicants who are trilingual (Spanish/English/Triqui or Mixteco) and have completed 40 hours of interpreting training – please see qualifications (interpreter trainee job description).

How can I enroll?

  • Contact Judith Pacheco for an interview (
  • Take both English and Spanish Proficiency tests
  • Submit proof of 40-hour interpreting training
  • Conduct a peer interview in your indigenous language

Where is this program located?

This is a program through Natividad Medical Foundation, serving Natividad Medical Center in Salinas, CA .




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