formLanguage Access Consulting

Our expert staff can help you with your language access needs for indigenous patients and clients. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a free expert consultation.

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peopleProfessional Training and Development

We offer interpreting training programs and products created specifically to train native speakers of indigenous languages. We are continuing to develop and compile resources and create new tools to support an innovative teaching model.

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leafEducational Products

Indigenous Interpreting+ creates customized educational tools for patients, caregivers and service providers aimed at improving effective communication around critical life events, including death and dying, new parent education and the transport of premature and sick babies.

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Welcome to Indigenous Interpreting+

Indigenous Interpreting+ helps healthcare providers, community based organizations, public agencies and courts meet regulatory requirements for language access, minimize costs and ensure quality services with competent, interpreters. Indigenous Interpreting+ meets the need for community and medical interpreting in indigenous languages that are not available through traditional interpreting services.

Indigenous Interpreting+

Indigenous Interpreting+, launched in March 2014, improves the quality and safety of care for Natividad Medical Center’s indigenous language-speaking patients. Now, with philanthropic support from a variety of funders, including The Agricultural Leadership Council (TALC), Driscoll’s – the leading purveyor of fresh berries – and others, we are opening access to indigenous language services for other providers.

Through partnerships with indigenous community leaders and interpreters, we are now piloting a full-scale interpreting service dedicated to providing professional, trained and highly competent interpreters in hard-to-find indigenous languages.

Creating such a program requires a layered approach that allows us to start with core services and expand from there. The Indigenous Interpreting+ will continue through 2015. We are working with a number of clients and offer video remote interpreting, face-to-face interpreting and local on-site healthcare, court and community interpreting in Mixteco, Triqui, Zapoteco, Chatino, Kanjobal, Amuzgo, Náhuatl, Tarasco, Purépecha, Tlapaneco, Yucateco Maya, Mam, K’iché (Quiché), Mixe + more.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

As part of the Indigenous Interpreting+, you will receive customized services to fit your specific interpreting needs. We will work with you individually to connect you with the best interpreter and the most appropriate delivery platform.

Indigenous community, court and medical interpreting services are available during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm Pacific). You can reach us by calling our toll-free number at 855-662-5300.

Indigenous Interpreting+ Trainees and Recent Graduates

Indigenous interpreting+ offers a six month paid trainee program for community members wanting to become an interpreter.