• Katharine Allen and Judith Pacheco visited Chiapas, Mexico to begin the work on developing indigenous interpreter competency standards.

    The development of the Linguist Competency Evaluation and Testing requires additional collaboration with INALI. The challenge is to adapt INALIs process to the specific needs of indigenous language interpreters in the U.S. Indigenous Interpreting+ has a good understanding of the Evaluation process seen in Chiapas, and will refine this for the U.S. environment.

    Useage of the tools and materials developed by INALI will be key in going forward with the Indigenous Interpreting+ Competency Evaluation process. The pedagogy developed in Chiapas, Mexico and Salinas, California will branch out around the world, improving the lives of indigenous language interpreters and their clients. Together, Indigenous Interpreting+ and INALI will continue to have an enormous positive impact on the lives of indigenous language-speaking people on both sides of the border and beyond.