• Indigenous Interpreting+® and the International Criminal Court at The Hague have found similar challenges in the process of selecting and training interpreters.


    Founded in 1998 in The Hague, Netherlands to bring to justice crimes against humanity, the International Criminal Court (ICC) requires interpreting services in languages of lesser diffusion (LLDs). The majority of cases involve multiple variants of African languages and the main challenges faced by both organizations center around pedagogy.

    • How to determine if a prospective interpreter (often with limited education) has good command of the native language Linguistic Competency
    • How to strengthen training methodology with structure and activities specifically designed for indigenous language speakers

    Those in charge of Interpreting Services for the ICC were impressed by the II+ teams commitment, experiences, and knowledge in the LLD interpreting field. In March 2017 Katharine Allen and Linda Ford will visit the ICC to present the published II+ Training Curriculum and continue sharing best practices.