• Indigenous Interpreting+® featured on the latest episode of PRI’s The World in Words

    Indigenous Interpreting+, a service of Natividad Medical Foundation, is featured on the latest episode of PRI’s The World in Words, released last week. Reporter Nina Porzucki traces the creation of the program and shares the impact it has for those who speak indigenous languages in the Salinas community and across the country.

    The Salinas Valley and Central Valley are home to Mexican and Central American immigrants who previously lived in villages so isolated that they speak indigenous languages and very little to no Spanish. The Foundation and its donors developed the internationally-recognized Indigenous Interpreting+ program to help Natividad Medical Center doctors, nurses, administrators and patients connect to improve care and speed healing.

    “We are thrilled that PRI and Nina wanted to know more about Indigenous Interpreting+ and the Foundation,” said Linda Ford, CEO of the Natividad Medical Foundation. “We work every day to transform health care into healing, and Indigenous Interpreting+ is one way that we’re able to do that for our community.”