Our Mission

The mission of Indigenous Interpreting+®, a service of Natividad Medical Foundation, is to provide high-quality indigenous language interpreter services to ensure community services are accessible and useful for persons speaking indigenous languages.


Our Vision

To be recognized as the provider of choice for indigenous language services.


Our Values

NMF’s Indigenous Interpreting+® is distinguished by its commitment to creating and delivering every service and every product with expert guidance from and collaboration with indigenous people. Indigenous Interpreting+® services and products are also delivered with an essential focus on integrating the latest in online and mobile technology to provide the best customer service.


Indigenous Interpreting+® specializes in indigenous languages from Mexico and Central America and is one of the few programs of its kind in the United States helping health care providers and other agencies effectively communicate with indigenous people.

Our Location

Indigenous Interpreting+® is located in “America’s Salad Bowl”: Salinas, California. The Salinas Valley is home to nearly 28,000 indigenous immigrants. In California, there are approximately 165,000 indigenous language speakers, and there are approximately 685,000 in the United States. The demand for indigenous language services is driven by the increasing numbers of indigenous people migrating to the United States, primarily in search of employment as agricultural laborers.


Our Story

Natividad Medical Center (NMC) – one of California’s 19 public safety net hospitals – has been delivering health care to the residents of Monterey County for more than 129 years. Many of NMC’s patients are Latino farm workers and their families.

Seven years ago, NMC had no professional interpreter employees and relied solely on bilingual (Spanish/English) staff, patient families and some telephonic interpreting to meet patient needs. NMC did not have any data about the race, ethnicity and primary language of patients in their care.

Natividad Medical Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit with a history of carrying out innovative initiatives, recognized the need for philanthropic support of language services at NMC, and donors came forth to help – from Driscoll’s and The Agricultural Leadership Council (TALC) to Community Foundation for Monterey County and the University of California, San Francisco Center for Health Professions.

Indigenous Interpreting+® interpreters are recruited from all over California and the United States in order to identify talented bilingual and trilingual individuals to train and bring into the profession. Local indigenous leaders came forth to be trained as interpreters and are working toward their goals of better care for members of their communities with support from Indigenous Interpreting+®. The Indigenous Interpreting+® Team has also developed a network of over 200 trained interpreters from California, Oregon, Alaska and Minnesota.